Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Day three spent in glorious sunshine

A few weeks ago a newly moved to the area home edder, after some discussion, set up a picnic-in-the-park day to meet the local home ed community, and today was the day :)

It was a mercifully late start, and everyone was able to wake up naturally - that always seems to help the day go well.

So, we picnicked.  The younger three played - sometimes on their own, sometimes together, more often with the other children - and I chatted with new friends.  All was good - even the weather!

Days like today are really a key part of our lives - getting the children out and active, helping them cement friendships with support if needed, and generally reaffirming that life is for living outside in the sunshine, not shut away in a classroom.

Things went smoothly, M lasted almost three hours - he can get a bit antsy at things like this after a while.  Three hours is pretty good for him :)

Tomorrow we're off to Legoland, and I'm hoping that todays park time will mean we're not stuck at the climbing frame there for too long!

On the way home we dropped my sewing machine off for a service, picked up a new scrum-hat for M (it's a head-guard for Rugby), and met a very friendly terrier, who loved licking the ice cream off the kids.

Once home everyone retreated to their "cave" - M to the PC, J to his tablet, me to the garden to work on the plum trees, and A followed me nattering constantly until one of her friends knocked for her after school.  M and L have gone to the games club this evening, whilst A and J are planning tomorrows routes with maps from the internet.  J's idea is everyone can pick 10 rides, then we do those in order of how many of us want to go on them - not a bad plan to be fair, think we'll run with it :)

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