Sunday, 21 September 2014

Days thirteen and fourteen - a weekend of relaxing :)

Day thirteen - also known as Saturday ;) - managed to whizz past.  I slept for a long time - I took some powerful painkillers Friday at bedtime and I think they helped me to sleep deeply.  I got up at some point around midday, all was calm, everyone happy and relaxed.

After I finally got moving we had lunch, then took M to get some smart-ish clothes.  As he has moved up a section at rugby he now has to shower after matches and have a meal with the opposition after the match.  He's expected to be in "collar and tie" for the meal (he even has a club tie!)  So, smart clothes that pass the ASD / SPD approval process were required.

For most children buying clothes is easy, but for M (and to a lesser degree J) texture and seams really matter.  If we want him to actually wear the clothes then he has to try them first, and most clothes are just too rough / tight / itchy / something else.  We know what to suggest now - "school trousers" are a good bet, as are tracksuits, but both still need to be tried on.  Shirts are often better than T-shirts, but embroidery or transfers make most t-shirts non-starters.  Shoes can be a nightmare.

We found clothes for him, got home and L was preparing to go off for a sleep-over movie party.

The rest of us discussed playing a board game, but couldn't reach a consensus, so that didn't happen.

At bed time we finished "Our Island Story" - on the whole I liked it, there are a few odd attitudes, a couple of things were sanitised, and I am not at all sure the depiction of the Maori is even remotely accurate, but it covered the history of our island well enough to have prompted further discussion and intrigued the kids, so it's all good in the end :)

Day fourteen - Sunday

M had his first rugby match of the season today.  By all accounts his team were trounced, but M seems pretty relaxed about that.  There were a lot of comings and goings from the squad, so things are not settled yet.  Lots of the team are in different positions to last year, and they are missing some of their key players, so it's understandable that they aren't really playing well.  They were never a top flight team anyway though so perhaps winning at this stage would have been a minor miracle!

Because L was still out J had to go to the rugby with M, which seems to have gone well too :)

A and I headed off to church, having a lovely walk through a wooded footpath.  We walked back through a linear park spotting a little egret on the way :)

Hubby went to pick up L, I had a nap, then walked the dog, spotted the Corncrake again.

Later we went out to dinner  because it's my birthday :)

In amongst all of this the children were just doing their own things - A read a bit, drew a bit, recorded me a birthday message and song, J played various games, and watched TV, M played games, watched TV, prepared various CCG decks, L cooked, played games, watched youtube shows about cooking, I am sure lots of other stuff happened too, but it is probably best described as "life continued as it usually does."

So, that was the weekend :)

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