Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Day ten - these titles are really easy!

Wednesday, Wednesday, such an awkward day is Wednesday!

Well, it is in this house anyway!

Tueseday may be a part of the cause of Wednesday's troubles.  As the younger three go to various Scouting activities Tuesday bedtimes are *really* messed up.  Quite often dinner is late, someone isn't home until well after nine, and with the hurly-burly of sorting uniform, homework and requirements for the next week, it just all goes on far too long.

With Tuesday ending late, Wednesday always seems reluctant to get going.  This week was no exception with me being the only one up at 9.

After a very slow start everyone did some work - L worked on fraction multiplications, divisions and powers and roots, followed by poetry  his new least favourite thing ever.  J looked at factors and multiples, adaptations to habitats, comparative adjectives, along with handwriting practise and reading a new book.  A looked at totals, adding ten or twenty, filling in the missing letters in her Oz phonics book, capitals and full stops, and parts of a plant.  M did writing practise, read about solutions and emulsions, looked at grammatical agreements of tense, and I can't remember what the maths was . . .

That was all done by lunchtime, albeit a late lunch, then we all relaxed for a bit before the older ones went to their games club - they leave at four, and every other week stay to the second half of the club session, and play D & D with the adults as well as the "kids" (Who are mostly college age now.)  L and M generally don't get back 'till 11 when they stay to the second game.

Whilst they were out A went out to play and I rearranged and tidied her room.  Part way through she joined me.  It was a very odd experience - my youngest is putting away her toys!  The dolls, Barbies and My Little ponies are all headed to the great toyshop in the sky (AKA our loft!)  With them go all but a handful of her plush mountain, and a random assortment of "stuff."  She also filled two bin bags (willingly no less) with broken toys and general tat that just isn't worth keeping.

It feels very strange not to have to sneak the broken things out, and to have someone gleefully moving on.  The boys (even L to a large degree) have always held on to things until they are well beyond using them.  They all seem to have their fathers hoarding instinct.  That's not a problem until you realise they also have my untidiness and scatterbrain!  So too much stuff gets left in random places and then forgotten.

So, between greedy Tuesday ending later, and lazy Wednesday not getting out of bed and being squeezed around the games club, today was very truncated.

But hey! We did STUFF, and I even remembered most of it too ;)

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