Monday, 29 September 2014

Day twenty two - whose idea was that then?

The younger three got up and ready fairly smoothly this morning, all of them seemed keen to get to their weekly sports session, and they even left the house on time!

L and I settled down to some work as soon as the others had left - looking at powers and roots, which is the interesting sort of maths he loves.  He was just about finishing when the others got home.  Then we spent a while talking over a story he is writing for a mine-craft game he is working on.  He is creating lore for a world, and then quests, and has it fairly nicely mapped out.  He has put a lot of time and effort into the story, and it's a nice bit of creative writing. I have never managed to get him writing fiction happily, so I will quietly take this as a victory of intrinsic motivation, and enjoy seeing how it progresses.  Later in the day he also showed me a design for a steampunk cat to go on a t-shirt, that he had created on his PC.

Once everyone had eaten and had a short rest, we moved well and truly out of our comfort zones . . .

All the children are growing, and so we went on a mass clothes shop.  J and M do not shop well.  They get bored, they are very choosy over their own clothes and complain everyone else is taking too long to find things.  In essence they become the epitome of the saying "the devil makes work for idle hands"

It was a mercifully short trip, only about 3 hours (including a lunch break), and we ended up with almost everything we needed.  Even then, we were not happy bunnies on the way home.

Because we had cut the shop short, we had nothing in for dinner, and went to Macdonald's before dropping L off at one of his weekly games.

Now it's bedtime and story time for M, J and A, and internet shopping for me to get those last few bits.

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