Friday, 26 September 2014

Day eighteen

Another quiet day - I was tied up all day running an online game, so it was a day with Dad for the kids.

There was mine craft (as ever!) a few games, a walk to try and see the Vulcan fly over, L cooked something with eggs that smelt yummy, the dog was walked, L did some ICT.

In the evening A went to girls brigade, and they had a teddy bears picnic in a local park.

Kinda slow, but lots of relationship building from the kids.

I love hearing the younger three playing mine craft together - listening to them co-operate and build awesome structures together is great :) Their communication skills are improving and whereas at first there was lots of arguing, now they tend to play calmly with no need for adult intervention (or refereeing!)  A tends to build and furnish houses, J gathers resources and fights stuff, but also helps A with a farm, M builds grand structures and plays survival games. 

So, that was Thursday!

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