Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day five, museum Chess club and crashing out.

It was very hard to get up.  Not only for the children, but for me too!  After an enormously busy day and late night it was very tempting to conveniently "forget" that we had plans.

But I didn't forget, the children did get up and ready, and we did manage to leave the house.

Not only did we leave the house, we got to the museum in time too!

A local home educator had asked one of the volunteers at the museum to give us a talk about the Saxon period, and that is precisely what he did :) He talked about how things changed when the Romans left, and the timings of that, where the name Saxons comes from, where the Saxons came from and why, how they lived, how they traded, how we know those things.  He talked about how the Saxon period  ended, and about the interplay between the Saxons and the Vikings.  He even talked about money, trade and language.  It was a good talk, comprehensive, covering lots of things my guys knew about, other things they didn't.  We've not looked specifically at the time period, but we have read about it in "Our Island story", and they've seen various TV programmes like Horrible histories that cover lots of history.  We've also been to various other places that have Saxon artefacts, so this sort of joined up a whole lot of dots for them :)

After the talk there were replica helmets and swords to try on, and obligatory photos :

Once the session had wrapped up the children played with their friends - the museum has various outdoor games, and some old slot machines, and there was lots of general catching up and nattering :)

Once we got home the children went off to their various favoured activities, and later M went to the first Chess club session of the school year. J and A usually go out on Fridays but neither of those happened this week.

A is coughing a lot, and I am a little worried that the cough is hanging on for a long time.  I've started coughing now too :(

More Pics :) )

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