Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day FOUR!!

Well, that lasted a long time, didn't it?  Not only did I forget how to count, I crashed out and now have to catch up.

I *could* be sneaky, and set the publishing dates to the "right" days, but that wouldn't be a very "me" thing to do.  I could also do a HUGE post, catching up to date in one go - but I don't think that would be very readable, so a series of posts, one per day, but all written today (I hope!)

Now, day four - NOT day five as previously advertised . . .

A few years ago we lived in London, not far from Legoland, and my sister in law works at Legoland, so we got free season tickets.  We used to visit fairly frequently, for an afternoon, for a couple of hours here and there, it was a very familiar place for a long time.

But things change.  We moved, the sister in law no longer gets the same perks, and the park has become a whole-day thing.  It's no longer an every few weeks sort of a trip, more of a once a year sort of thing.

The day kicked off surreally.  As I sat drinking my morning cup of tea, a spider crawled across the table onto a piece of orange card.  Randomly I put a drop of tea in front of it - just because - and it crawled over and drank some, then crawled off.  A moment later it was back for more.  It came back about 15 times, drank the entire drop, so I gave it a second drop and then a third . . . eventually I had to actually get moving, but it was really cool watching it drink and clean itself.

I finally got around to making sandwiches, packing spare cloths, chivvying the children along in their breakfasting and dressing, and we left the house.

The journey was slow from the start - heavy traffic, a few accidents, satnav diversions, but in the end it took us the hour and a half we'd predicted.

The kids were excited, and the day was good :) We went on more rides this time than ever before, all four are tall enough for everything now  J can ride by himself, even though he is by far the most conservative about what he will go on.  There were compromises, the usual juggling of how to fit in what everyone wants to do, but we had a great day.

For me the highlight was probably sharing lunch with a pheasant and some jackdaws, but the rides were cool too ;)  I'll see if I can add another post with some pics once I work out which device they are on.

After LL we went to my parent in laws for a flying visit.  The traffic was heavy again, complicating  things, slowing us down.  Although brief it was lovely to see the grandparents, the kids kept things fairly calm  and relaxed, which isn't always the case with family visits.

The last stop was a MacDonald's on the way home, because after a day like that neither my husband or I could face cooking!

We finally got home around half past ten, and once the car was unloaded and kids put to bed I just about managed to post a place-holding post, then crashed out myself.

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