Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day eleven - at this rate I might make it to the weekend without having to do a mass catch-up post :)

Hmmmmm, today is hard to put into words.

Wednesday, as I said yesterday, is an awkward day.  It starts and ends too late really.

Today started late - again!  Everyone was tired, and we basically did nothing much all morning.

The kids played Mine Craft and Terraria, they chatted, discussed strategies, and basically got on with each other :) The younger three still do things together spontaneously during the day - a mass Mine craft building session (they have a pretty awesome town under construction,) bike rides, watching TV or youtube, and so on.  L finds it harder to engage with them, but will play with his brothers on his Xbox occasionally.

After lunch we played Pathfinder* together - it's a family campaign**, and we're are a year into it.  The session went well, but took most of the afternoon.

A went to Girls Brigade, not sure what else they did but she made a cup-monster filled with tissue paper and cress seeds, and there was a video towards the end.

After that the kids all chatted to Uncle N via Skype, we ate dinner, and now it's bed time - we've reached Queen Victoria in Our Island Story :)

So, life was lived, they all did STUFF, and the day passed.

* Pathfinder is a role-playing game***
** Reign of winter, if you must know!
*** Far too tricky to explain in a footnote - google D & D for more info :)

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