Monday, 29 September 2014

Days twenty and twenty one

The weekend was busy - which is why I'm writing this on Monday evening ;)

Saturday was mostly eaten up by our family Pathfinder* session, with A playing out for most of the day.

After the game L cooked - he made burgers from scratch and some wedges, which we ate whilst watching Dr Who.  J and I are getting a cold, so early nights were had by all.

Other stuff happened over the day - J read to A, there was some drawing, and some mine crafting (of course!)

On Sunday M had another rugby match - the team played much better this week, although they still lost, and there was a definite feeling that they are settling in o their new roles at long last :)

A and I went to church - she began a series of lessons on Saul / St Paul, I continued trying to get three boisterous lads to think about Abraham.  I had them carrying a tent around, then pitching it, and we played a variant of "I went to the moon and I brought . . ." which ran along the lines of "Abraham went to the desert and he took . . ." I was quite pleased with the idea of the game, but it didn't work as well as it could have - we have a child in the group with quite unclear speech, and whilst I can normally translate he has a cold which makes it all worse :(

After that we all went to my in laws house for a birthday celebration.  Family gatherings can be very stressful with two Autistic children in a small space - especially when you add in people they barely know who have no understanding of their quirks.  Surprisingly the boys were well behaved, and whilst there were a few sticky moments none of them were caused by M or J :)

We got back very late, so there was a brief story and then bed for all :)

*Pathfinder is a roleplaying game, and we are playing an on going story called Reign of Winter. 

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