Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Some days

Some days I want to call in sick, let the rest of the team pick up the slack, and just *stop*.

Today is one of those days.  But there isn't anyone to call, the team would be my family - Hubby and the kids - and whilst I know they would do their best, unless I was somewhere else I wouldn't really get much of a rest.

So it's time to grit my teeth and get on with it all.

Last night M had four night terrors - the worst he has been for a very long time - and I didn't get much sleep.

He has a cold, and I think that disturbed his rest, with the screaming and panic that the night terrors cause in him, M was finding it very hard to breathe.  That caused more panic.  It was actually quite frightening to see my son pacing and gasping for breath, but there was nothing I could do.

Yesterday was an odd day too.

We were due to go to a local fire station with a lovely group of home edders.  J didn't want to go - after an upset on Monday and a cold.  I knew L wouldn't want to go.  So in the end instead of five of us, there were three.  We had a great time, and came home happy.

Then Hubby and I took M out to look at potential Christmas presents, with barely a pause between the two.  That was okish - though M had so many questions and anxieties along the way that it got frustrating.

Then a fifteen min break and kittens out to the vets . . . they are doing well, just need to get rid of their watery eyes and they will be discharged.

A bit of a longer break, and then a dog walk, trip to the doctors / pharmacy to pick up more medication for me, and then time to get A ready for Beavers and J for Cubs.

J couldn't find shoes he was happy with.  There was some shouting and stress on all sides.

Then the Tuesday night yo-yo for hubby - 6 pm drop off for A, 6:15 for J, 7 pick up for A, 7:30 drop off M pick up J, and finally 9:15 pick up M.  Not enough time to relax between journeys, but too spread out to stay out.

At some point Ruby, our Jack Russell had a hedgehog.  She managed to corner it, and when she was brought in there was quite a lot of blood on her face.  We brought the hedgie in, but couldn't find any injuries, and once we put it back out it seems to have wandered off eventually.  Ruby has some cuts in her mouth, but nothing major.  You'd think the daft pup would realise that the snuffle pigs have spikes!

So, today.  Tired.  Dealing with snotty monsters who didn't have enough sleep.  And it's a short day for us too - Hubby, L and M will be going out at four to their games club.  Not sure I can fit much in to the space in between now and then, especially as none of us are dressed . . .

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