Thursday, 21 November 2013

A little late . . .

Life snuck up on me again.  Time to think has been at a premium, let alone time to write or post here!

I meant to post about Hallowe'en, so I'd better get on with that before it's more than a month ago :(

When we lived down in Nodnol my Mother in law used to "do" Halowe'en stuff with the kids.  It was a big thing for them, a tradition was born.  We'd go to our in laws, there would be sweets, pumpkin carving, dressing up, cake . . .

Then we moved.

Now we're an hour and a half away from our in laws, and we've moved on to a different - far more muddled - tradition.

Mostly we play a few games - flour towers, jelly worms, donut dangling, apple bobbing, balloon stomp - carve the pumpkins, and the kids dress up.

L (at 14 3/4) is really growing out of it all, but the other three still expect something fabulous.

This year was a mess, quite frankly.  M and J were out doing their Bikeability course the day before Hallowe'en, and the day itself.  That meant I had to be out too.  The day after we had more manicness planned. 

As things turned out that week - it was half term locally - was crazy.  The kids understood that we didn't have time to do anything much, and so when the opportunity to go to a "glow party" came up, that filled (most of) the gap.

The party was interesting - loud music, junk food and glow sticks, what's not to love?!?

J didn't like the level of noise, but he coped OK.  M took about an hour to "warm up" but was then dancing and having fun.  We met up with some of A's friends, so she was sorted.

We'd bought pumpkins a few days previously, and finally managed to find the time to carve them on the Monday after Hallowe'en, and they looked fab - please take my word for it as  I've accidentally deleted the pictures!  L didn't carve a pumpkin, but he did make pumpkin bread, and then some soup.

On the whole I think I prefer this Hallowe'en - less for me to organise, and as the children grow up they can just drop out of things and stay at home.  Maybe next year though it can be during a quieter week!

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