Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Is Santa Autistic?

After an interesting thread on an ASD support site, this sprang to mind . . .

"Is Santa Autistic?"
A little boy cried,
"Of course he isn't"
I quickly replied,
But then I thought a bit more
As I wandered away
Was there anything in it?
Could there be more to say?
"He's making a list,
He's checking it twice"
So the old man is thorough,
That's really quite nice. . .
But the next bit's a worry,
Those things on the list
What about "sometimes" or "Sorry"
All those "in between" bits?
The red suit?  That's an issue,
The same suit every year?
repetitive, compulsive . . .
Something sensory here?
Avoiding other people,
That's a red flag for sure,
Climbing down the chimney?
Can't he just use the door?
And always, yes always
We hear "Ho ho ho"
Maybe Santa's non-verbal?
I really don't know . . .
So perhaps he was right,
That inquisitive young boy
Maybe Santa's autistic,
but he brings us great joy

By me, Jenn Impey, 18/12/2013


  1. Your poem about Santa was right on the spot, perhaps there's a thing or two you maybe forgot. Restricted diet can be a pain in the back, milk and cookies laid out without fail for his mid-travel snack. A haircut and shave might not be out of order, but perhaps that'd push his mood south o' the border. The lining up of objects like eight tiny reindeer, flying that open sleigh with no sense of danger or fear. If Santa's autistic, (I sure hope its true), he'll help raise more awareness than just me or you!!

  2. If we dig too deep, then we'll all end up with ASD aspects! Neat poem. :) x