Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Sometimes I wonder how other families eat meals.  You know, neuro typical families . . .

For us, the only way to keep things sane is constant reminders of "The Rules." 

I guess most families have rules, perhaps largely unspoken, about how to behave around the dinner table.

Our first rule is pretty ordinary - No Rocking of Chairs.  Since we bought M a wobble cushion he is much better, but there is still a large amount of rocking that goes on.  Every now and then there is a crash as someone falls over too . . .

The next rule relates to rocking - No Knees!  If left to their own devices M, J and frustratingly L will all brace their knees against the table.  That means they rock with barely any effort :(

The third, and last of the obvious rules, is Use Cutlery.  Ought to go without saying really, but it is said - a lot.

Now, I'm afraid, we move on to the more esoteric ones . . . Set purely for the retention of sanity.

No Singing.

No Dancing.

No Humming.

No Miming.

No Drumming.

No Banging.

No Minecraft discussions.

No Staring contests.

Seriously.  Most of those need to be repeated most days. 

Where else but an ASD household!

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  1. Normal, normal normal!!! With the exception of the Minecraft discussions we have all those rules too plus "no toys at the table" and "no cereal box fortresses".