Tuesday, 24 September 2013

First group assesment session

So, Friday was J's first group assessment.

He was very excited about it, got ready to go out with no issues, bounded in to the waiting room happily saying hi to everyone.

When it was time to go in he was first up  and away from us, no qualms at all about going in.

When we picked him up, he raced out of the corridor and almost bowled his Dad over . . . he was saying bye to people by name and still happy and bouncy.

As we left he was like a slippery eel - I could barely keep hold of his hand as we crossed roads, and he was all over the place in the car park.

He says the session went well, he found a particular toy and played a lot with that, but he isn't telling us much about what else happened.

He says there were no problems, no tellings off, and he's looking forward to next week already.

I am reassured by the fact he is happy, and I know they team will be recording how he leaves and reunites with us, I hope he was as bouncy in the room with them as he was on the way home!

This was the "getting to know you" week - so they set some ground rules, introduced themselves, and then played.  They have a snack near to the end of the session, which J enjoyed - fruit and milk.

All in all a good start to things :)

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