Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Little Miss A

Last, but by no means least, we have A, our daughter, currently 6.

Lots of people ask if I kept having more babies because I wanted a girl.  The answer is no.  By the time we found out A was going to be a girl I was so used to boys I was terrified!  We coped though.

A, as far as we can tell, is neuro typical (NT) - that is to say she is developing within the expected range of normal, and always has done.

She is a very girly girl - ponies and princesses, pink and Barbie are all prominent themes in her play. 

She doesn't like rough-housing with the boys much, gets grumpy if she is bumped, and so far isn't physical in her play at all.

Sometimes I worry that with all the other issues in this house A will feel left out, but she likes to do things with me and somehow being the youngest, being the only girl, being the only NT one all seem to come together and work.

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